12 – 14 September 2025

Partner Activations

We are pleased to introduce the art initiatives of some of our Official Partners.

photo by Kazuki Shibuya
Range Rover leads by example, shining a light on emerging creative leaders at Tokyo Gendai.

Luxury SUV pioneer, Range Rover, as a strong proponent of creative leadership globally, will once again be the Official Vehicle Partner for the second edition of Tokyo Gendai.
To support the development of future creative leaders, in this year’s Tokyo Space, Range Rover will be collaborating with an emerging young Japanese creator, BIEN, to showcase their creative work alongside the newest Range Rover Evoque model.
Champagne Pommery, founded in 1836 in Reims, France, introduced the first Brut Champagne in 1874 under Madame Pommery's visionary leadership. She supported the arts, with Navlet's relief engraved in Pommery’s underground cellar, or Gallé's sculpted barrels in the Estate, and Millet's "The Gleaners" donation to the Louvre. Since 2002, Pommery has hosted 17 "Experience Pommery," contemporary art exhibitions featuring global artists in its historic cellars, to showcase their new creativity.

Penfolds, which celebrates its 180th anniversary this year, is recognized around the world as a unique and outstanding wine. It is one of the world's best wineries.
フォンタナ ザハ・ハディド by ラリック
Today, Lalique Art places the expertise of Lalique at the service of major contemporary artists, designers with flair, and cultural foundations; the aim is to create unique and exceptional works of art. Lalique Art offers artists new inspirations and motifs, using the interplay of light, transparency, color and contours. This extraordinary encounter between art and crystal is giving rise to new forms of creative expression.
Warehouse TERRADA
Warehouse TERRADA will hold TENNOZ ART WEEK in Tennoz, Tokyo from 27 June to 15 July.

1. New visual installation by Tabaimo & independent animation directors
2. Special Guided Tours of WHAT MUSEUM
3. An exhibition arts and crafts (Free admission)
4. Japanese-style painting workshops using a traditional art material
5. Night event where you can enjoy art with Japanese alcohol
6. Market offering food from various regions of Japan (Free admission)


“IntoArt - Dive into Your Creative Journey -", a workshop for children, will be held by Gotoschool at Tokyo Gendai. Several artists will bring their ideas to the workshop to create opportunities for children to engage with non-athletic activities, with the aim of awakening their own creativity.
All day long, there will be art classes for children to enjoy, workshops by exhibiting artists twice daily, as well as informal drawing sessions that are hosted by visiting artists. There will also be a corner where children can freely use everyday items and art materials to create, a mini library with art books and catalogs for children to enjoy, and video screenings. Children as well as adults can learn about art directly from the artists and experience the joy of making things while nurturing their creativity.
Sculptor Kohei Nawa and curator Kensho Tanbara will serve as advisors. Through various approaches, they will invite children into the depths of creation.
From 6 - 15 July, Sterling Ruby’s pop-up space will appear on the ground floor of "DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA” opened in March 2012 with the concept of “BEAUTIFUL CHAOS"
(In collaboration with Taka Ishii Gallery)
ArtSticker, operated by The Chain Museum, provides an art communication platform that links the entire art appreciation experience, offering opportunities to encounter art and places for dialogue.
The platform includes a diverse collection of works from well-known artists to up-and-coming talents. We offer a variety of contemporary art services, including online art sales, exhibition tickets, audio guides, and gallery management.
Time & Style crafts products using traditional Japanese techniques and carefully selected natural materials. All items, from furniture to tableware, are original in-house designs. Combining cultural heritage with modern living, their Hokkaido factory and skilled artisans across Japan ensure high-quality products. Our new collection, unveiled at Milan Design Week 2024, will be exhibited at our Roppongi and Minami Aoyama stores from July 18. Join us for a presentation and reception at the Roppongi store on the first day. All are welcome.


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