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Applications to Tokyo Gendai are open to galleries which have a permanent exhibition space and hold regular curated exhibitions, with a roster of represented artists.

Selection for participation is based on the curatorial strength and premise of the gallery’s application proposal, exhibition program and roster of represented artists. Criteria such as quality of the artworks, previous art fair presentations, and any associated projects undertaken by the gallery are central to the Selection Committee’s decision.

For review purposes the Tokyo Gendai Selection Committee requires a clear description of the proposed presentation at the fair, supporting images, and preferably a provisional sketch of the booth layout. 

A non-refundable US$250 application fee will be collected at the time of application via our online payment portal. The application asks for gallery information along with an exhibition proposal and images of work to be shown at the Fair.

Applications are now open. All the info including the stand size/price will be available after creating a profile. 

There is no deadline as such but we would recommend submitting your application as soon as possible as we are experiencing exceptional interest.

To discuss further applying to the Fair please email us at:

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